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vinyl guard protectant

Vinyl Guard

Vinyl Guard - America's finest conditioner and protectant for vinyl, rubber, leather and plastic. It provides a protective shield against ultraviolet rays, smog, ozone and other pollutants that can prematurely age, dull, crack or rot surfases. Vinyl Guard is non-oily and non-greasy and leaves a fresh, soft, non-slippery surface.


great white wipes

Great White Wipes

Great White Wipes are designed to take the effort out of treating and protecting vinyl, plastic, leather and rubber. When used regularly, a protective shield will form that will help to protect against the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays, smog and other pollutants that can crack or rot surfaces. Wipes are non-oily and leave a fresh, soft, non-slippery surface. Wipes are environmentally friendly and contain no hazardous chemicals.

Leather Plexxx maintainer

Leather Plexx

The champion preservative for leather and vinyl. Leather - Plexx deep cleans and softens as it protects. Safe for use on all shiny leather surfaces.



Wicked B67 Sealant

Wicked B-67 Sealant

RESTORES: Faded paint. Under standard conditions, will not need any maintenance or polishing for 3 years. Simple and fast to apply. If your paint is powdery, B-67 Sealant will restore it to a "just painted" look. NOTE - WILL NOT RESTORE CRACKED CLEAR COAT. It will reduce the visual effect, but will not restore damaged clear coat. Ideal for fibreglass gelcoat on boats, garden furniture, or any painted surface. Will not crack, chip, flake, yellow or peel. Can be removed easily at any time with Wicked Body Jelly.

STOPS: Metal oxidation. If you have a polished metal piece, B-67 Sealant can be applied to it and under standard conditions, will last for 3 years. No need for repolishing. Ideal for bullbars, fittings, wheels or any polished metal surface. Can easily be removed at anytime with Wicked Metal Polish.

REJUVENATES: Plastic Trim. When plastics are damaged by sunburn and UV rays, they discolour and start to break down. They look powdery and can be easily scratched, leaving a white, chalky residue. B-67 Sealant can be applied to any plastic surface (except vinyl and rubber) and will restore it to a new look. Can be used for excellent results on mirror housings, side skirts, unpainted bumpers and mudflaps, crazed light / indicator lenses, or any damaged plastic surface.

Ideal for: Car restorations, putting new life into body badges, old crazed lenses, faded plastic pieces and more.

Boat owners: Can be used on faded gelcoats to restore colour and shine, and to reduce salt adhesion and further fading. Can also be applied to trailers to stop or prevent the effects of rusting in saltwater environments.

Industrial properties: Any painted surface, such as colourbond sheeting, painted posts, business signs, etc, can all be brought back to life with the application of Wicked B-67 Sealant.


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