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Live To Ride Magazine

Live to Ride magazine

"The Metal Polish, is a non-abrasive, non acidic and brings all metal and chrome surfaces up to a mirror finish, with no elbow grease required. It stays that way for ages too, cause its got built in sealers that protect the metal from oxidizing.

You can use this shit on any metal - it'll even turn your levers to a mirror finish!"

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Heavy Duty Magazine

Heavy Duty magazine

"Any of my mates will tell you I'm the laziest bloke in the world when it comes to cleaning and polishing my bikes and cars...
I was genuinely impressed with this stuff, mainly because it's so fast! Lightning Shine by name and nature."

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Customer Testimonials

3rd Place winner at the America's Truck Wash & Chrome Show! 

This was the 1st time ever entered, and I hadn't had time to polish it for a month, loved your products Body Jelly and Metal Polish.
George Hurst - Tucson AZ
Congratulations George!!!

Truck Show Winner Front Truck Big Truck

Truck Truck Rear Side Truck

Hey, We met at the Dallas truck show this last weekend, 9-10 thru 9-12. I bought some of your products from Les.  My friends and I are from the Denver area.

We have had a chance to try the Polish and the Wax and I must say, it works great!!! Here are a few pictures of my two year old daily driver winning a first place at rocky mountain truckfest this summer. Once again, thanks for the great product, I will be purchasing more of your WICKED POLISH.

Black Car Yellow VW Harley Motor

Thank you for your products. I have been using your Metal polish and it buy far is BETTER than Mothers and Blue Magic. I have just received your wax but have not got a chance to use it. I have a 1937ford, 1957 Chevy, and a 2000 Harley-Davidson and I will not go back to the other Aluminum Polishes.


bluey custom alloys

Heres a pic of my bike in all its glory shining like no other mate I love Wicked Metal polish and and tell all that ask whats the best to use hope to see it on your site soon.

Doug Bazley



2001 Ford Supercrew with 22" Boyd Renegedes

Shiny Wheel

Wicked products have helped my rims shine like the day that I bought them...

Because it is so easy to use Wicked metal polish, I actually look forward to polishing my rims...

Neil Tsutaoka

Small Truck

I have a set of American Racing wheels natural aluminum on my 66 Galaxie 7 Litre. I tried Mother's and with a lot of rubbing & 2 applications they still were not cleaned or polished looking. After 1 coat of your product the were 200% better than with Mothers and after the 2nd. coat they looked like they were chromed!!! All this with minimal effort.

You have the best aluminum product on the market!!! Will send pictures when available. Lee

I've try lot of products over the years for cleaning bikes.. yeah they work somewhat.. soap water, Windex, SL100, Bike cleaner etc..but I just got my hands on some "Wicked Products" ..and son of gun Wicked Products got my attention.

Wicked Products metal polish on aluminum, stainless, chrome put the shine back on your bike just like it was showroom condition..and the best part..very little effort..don't use the metal polish on paint tho.

I also purchase Wicked Product wax for the painted areas but yet to give that a whirl, and if the wax work as good as the metal polish.. well I just might use both products the next time I take a shower.

Heard about Wicked Products from US Choppers.. and who else better to give thumbs up in which keeps there big tractors looking good w/all of that chrome and aluminum rolling down the highway.

Windburn, Lebannon NH


I swear by this stuff..... made my 22 year old yammi look as if it was New! - Mac, Ossippi NH

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