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Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Hello I am the owner of a 1971 Chevelle I was getting it ready for a car show this weekend when a friend of mine told me to try (wicked product lighting shine liquid wax) I also used his buffer. WOW what a shine car turn out great after getting to the car show I used a spray detailer that enhances the shine between waxing. Now I need to find somthing that will clean and polish my American Racing Aluminum Wheels. James

Just wanted to let you guys know your wax has made my truck shine like it did the day it was new. My neighbor has a 32 ford hot rod that always looks awesome so I asked him what he uses. He gave me a little to try, and Wow! The wax goes on and polishes off beautify-- I'll be ordering my own very soon!

This is the best polish and cleaner I have ever used. It don't take a lot to go a long ways. I have a Big Red truck and it looks flawless with using wicked. I will not bother trying anything else. - Marta Christensen

This beauty of mine caught fire on the underside - It has been just sitting in my shop getting filthy while repairs are being made. Finally ready to go- a friend let me try your Wicked Metal Polish- I can't believe my eyes! WOW - I gotta get me some of this!

I was at the Orange County Fair 'Gun Show' today and I met a guy who showed me your products. He showed me your paint cleaner polish which is amazing. I never thought that my paint would ever come back to a shine like I have now. I bought this 86 Ford F-150 over 3 years ago and I tried to wax and polish it, but I waisted my time. Now I have a shine (without wax yet) that looks like it has been well maintained and parked in a garage. I need more of this product but I didn't see it on your home page. How can I get more? Please let me knoe ASAP. Thanx for a great new shine!

4wheels drive car

This is what I spend My whole weekend on. With a polish like this I could Let the wife do this all weekend also while I watch football...


I have spent a small fortune trying different products to make my bike glow, had a few that were good, but I amazed when a buddy gave me a bottle of you metal polish to try. It cleaned up the bike and took off residue that the other products have left behind. After using your product, my bike got the most attention when touring the province as a group!! And well, hey, I am female, I love the attention!!

big truck

Really like the metal polish, would like to try the liquid wax, and the vinyl gaurd too!


valiant charger car

It works good i will by more thank you

fancy pink valiant

I have a 70 ProStreet Duster with polished headers intake exhaust wheels and undercarrige and the only polish I will use is Wicked Meayal Polish.I have entered my car in 17 shows and won 22 awards so I think it works. Thanks Again Dale

small truck

I have a 1999 F-350 that shines flawlessly thanks to Wicked Metal Polish. The salt and sand from I-80 in Tahoe made pitts and tarnished my wheels and bumpers but proved no match for this product. Absolutely the best product on the market.

4 wheels drive

The brake dust on my 03 ram was horrible,,, with wicked products it wasn't a problem... I wish i had found this prod. sooner..wicked metal polish is the best i have ever used.... thanks for such a great product.. BRIAN EDWARDS

harley davidson motorbike

Here's a picture of my scooter, glad you liked it. I hope you can use the picture, If you do I'd like to see a copy. I really like your product and look forward to workin with you on gettin the polish sellin in North Texas.

red valiant charger

I have tried all of the best rated Aluminum polishes and paste through the years, all I have to say is nothing compares to the Wicked metal polish. My polished vintage rims and valve covers have never looked better and the added bonus is I only spend half the time I used to so I have more time to actually drive the car instead of rubbing and buffing. Thanks Wicked! Brad Moore

antique car

A friend of mine had some of your metal polish at a cruse night a couple of days ago, I tried it on some of the chrome and polished aluminum on my street rod. I've tried all kinds of metal polish but your product is nothing short of amaizing!!! It really works great. Ben

A while back a friend gave me a sample of your metal polish he bought at a motorcycle show. It works great. I have a lot of shiny stuff on my 32 and it's a chore keeping it that way. My LeCarra steering wheel was looking bad enough that my wife wanted me to get a new one. 2 minutes with this polish and I saved $300 for a new wheel. My spreader bars are polished stainless and were getting a little tarnished in places. Mothers, Wenol and everything else I tried didn't have any effect. Another 2 or 3 minutes with yours and they looked better than new. I am ordering some of your polish today.


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