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wicked metal polish

Wicked Metal Polish

A fast acting, easy to use metal polish designed to give the highest luster with the least amount of effort. For use on all highly polished metals including: aluminum, stainless-steel, chrome, brass, silver and gold.

Alumag Chrome Polish

Alumag Chrome

The #1 chrome and aluminum cleaner/polish on the market. ALUMAG CHROME protects while leaving a beautiful luster on all of your bright metal surfaces


myst metal maintainer

Myst Metal Maintainer

The newest and easiest way to maintain the high luster of your polished aluminum, stainless steel, chrome, brass, copper and all other fine metals. Just spray it on, wipe in and buff out. This unique spray-on formula contains shine boosters and durability enhancers to help keep your metal looking its finest.

car wheel cleaner

Wicked Wheel Kleaner

Wheel Kleaner is a fast acting cleaner that easily rinses away grease and brake dust. It can also be used effectively as a degreaser on paints, engines, carpet shampoo and floor mats for those extra heavy cleaning jobs.

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